Current menu of our restaurant SCHWARZER HAHN

The magic of the truffle
Too much is not enough

Fridays & Saturdays 10th, 11th & 17th, 18th, February 2023

Truffle menu

Amuse bouche


Lobster terrine
with truffle, kohlrabi spaghetti and apple and walnut vinaigrette

* * *

Black salsify foam soup
with shaved truffle

* * *

St. Pierre stuffed with truffles
on cauliflower mousseline and champagne foam

* * *

Beef fillet à la Rossini
with mushroom cream, braised beetroot and truffle jus

* * *

Paris-Brest with truffle and orange sorbet

Beginning at 7 p.m

Menu price per person: 210 €

Coffee from Roaster Badura -Deidesheim-

Café Liégeois
-Iced Coffee Specialty- 13
Sabayon with Cold brew Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Arabica
and white chocolate ice cream. Fruity like a Sauvignon
tangy like a Riesling, sweet like a late vintage.

Espresso -India Monsooned Malabar- 6
Monsooning is a special ripening method and takes up to four months. The coffee cherries are spread out in thin layers in open warehouses to dry and are exposed to the rain-damp and warm monsoon winds. The “raw” beans swell on slowly, change in color to a light yellow and develop a unique, intense taste: Nutmeg, tropical wood, walnut and plain chocolate. They are particularly low on acidity, which makes them mild and easy to digest.

Cup of Coffee -Honduras Pache- 6
directly traded arabica, wonderfully balanced,
medium-bodied, hints of stone fruit