Amuse bouche

Beef Tea

Caviar, crème fraîche, pulpo

* * *
with mirin marinated Alsatian foie gras
Rhubarb, raspberry, cherry blossom 32


Rolled spring omelette
green and white asparagus, tuna and radishes 32

* * *

Stuffed artichoke
Spello beans, peas, salted lemon, tomato ravioli, herb foam 24

* * *

Breton lobster
à la Romanoff 38

* * *

Morel savarin, blackberry, meadow hay sauce 27

* * *

Summer deer
Swiss chard, walnut, port wine and pepper pear, sauce riche 58


Beef fillet
Stuffed May turnips, gnocchi with young lovage and truffle jus 58

* * *

Apricot pickled in the spice stock
basil-strawberry sorbet, vermouth-lemon soup 21

* * *

Selection of cheeses
Pain Noir and Chutneys 24

As a 7 course menu 155
As a 6 course menu without cheese 142
As a 5 course menu without cheese and lobster 125
As a 4-course menu without cheese, lobster and rabbit 110

Coffee from the
Coffee roasting plant Badura -Deidesheim-

Café Liégeois -Iced coffee specialty- 9
Sabayon with Coldbrew Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Arabica
and white chocolate ice cream.

Espresso -India Monsooned Malabar- 4
Monsooning is a special ripening method and takes up to four months.
The coffee cherries are grown in thin layers in open warehouses
spread out to dry and are the rain-damp,
exposed to warm monsoon winds. The “raw” beans swell
slowly on, change in color to a light yellow and
develop a unique, intense taste:
Nutmeg, tropical wood, walnut and delicately tart chocolate.
They have extremely little acidity, which makes them mild and very digestible.

Cup of coffee -Honduras Pache- 4
directly traded arabica, wonderfully balanced,
Medium-bodied stone fruit notes

Our partners

Weinessiggut Doctorshof vinegars
LUMA D.A.C. (Dry Aging Company) veal
Jürgen David, Worms Dry Aged Beef
Affineur Hofmann, Bad Tölz cheese
Peter Kapp, Edingen-Neckarhausen Bread specialties
Guido Kohler, St. Ingbert Truffle
Mustard emol, Bad Dürkheim mustard
Beschers Markthalle, Bad Dürkheim Fruit, vegetables, herbs
Siggi Ochsenschläger, Wattenheim Vegetables, potatoes, free-range poultry
Badura coffee roastery, Deidesheim Coffee